Widening and Stretch Footwear

How many times happened to you to buy a pair of shoes or boots, that apparently were fine, to realize after that they were hurting you as they were too straight?

Don’t worry, We offer you a GUARANTEED service of  enlargement and lenghten for any tipology of footwear.

Through our machines :

we are able to enlarge for your necessites all tipes of footwear.

We can solve various issues, from the simplest ones to  the one with a serious ortopedic problems.
Indeed we can realize specific interventionon on the footwear for a various problems, let’s see below some of them:

ENLARGEMENT  of the sole,
of instep,
of fingertip,
of instep in the specific part the hallux valgus,
of the part of the hammer toes,
of the legging of the boots

RAISE tips to create more space in the fingers, or to create more space to hammer toes

LENGHTEN in case in which the fingers touch the tip

…it is important to know that the solution to the problem is GUARANTEED.
In fact, if the customer who brings his shoes determine that the problem ameliorate but is not solved completely, we will redo the worK at no additional cost until the problem is resolved.
For us it is crucial that our customer is always SATISFIED!

Few examples of ENLARGEMNET:

Casadei_Allargatura Chanel_Allargatura Geox_Allargatura Paciotti_Allargature Prada_Allargature SaintLaurent_Allargature Chanel_Allargature Geox_Allargature Louboutin_Allargature